Key Learning Points

The conference has a left a positive impression on all of us in the following areas:

A.  Decorum and Hospitality
  • The Thai hosts showed us the true definition of hospitality and decorum. 
  • The main event was well organised - a showcase of educational practises as well as Thai culture.

B. Spirit of Learning and Applying
  • The commitment of the Thai educators in upgrading themselves and learning from the experts are commendable. Teachers Professional Development programme is rather intensive and they engage master trainers from overseas (US-Texas) as well as from within their own teaching fraternity.
  • The Thai educators are advocators of spirit of innovations. They infuse the Thai culture into the curriculum rather than embracing the Western pedagogical approach wholly.
  • Created 'buy-in' by modeling the way. Hierarchy of Master teachers is created to foster EIS in all schools in Thailand.
  • Robust networking culture - learning from one another.

C. The impression we, as SST, has created in the international education scene.

  • SST is acknowledged as a school for innovation, pervasive use of ICT and applied learning.